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5 Affectionate ESA Dog Breeds that will Make you Lively and Cheerful | Productive Guide

 Let’s say that you are one of those lucky souls who have found the holy grail of Emotional Support Animals. You have accessed an authentic ESA website, done your research, and applied for that much-awaited letter. Now, all you have is a time of three days to decide the kind of pet that you want to be with you as an ESA. If you are a dog lover and you have already decided that you are going to get yourself oneyou still have a long way to go.

         You need to decide precisely which breed you would want. And do not take these decisions lightly because your emotional support animal is going to be your companion through the highs and lows of your mental health challenges. The dog has to be suited to your lifestyle, personality, and preferences for this relationship between you and your pet to work to the best of your advantages. This way, when you get your emotional support dog letterwith which you can directly proceed to acquire your future dog. Pick the one who is most likely to satisfy your needs and whose needs you can satisfy without a hassle.

The Cuddly Chihuahuas!

         Chihuahua’s are very cuddly. They are famous for being clingy and demanding attention from their owners. An ESA Dog is a perfect choice, especially for those who love to have their pets in their laps all the time and would like nothing better than to stroke their furry companions as much as possible. One thing that you must know before you rush to buy a chihuahua is that they are not that social towards other pets or children for that matter. If you would like to socialize a lot with your pet in toe, these cuties may not be the best choice for you after all.

The Trustworthy Terriers!    

Yorkshire Terriers also love physical contact but are not as shy towards strangers as chihuahuas. They are easy to train and require minimal exercise to be kept in shape. If you want a low-maintenance pet who loves to be affectionate, Yorkshire Terriers may be the way to go.

The Poofy Poodles!

And finally, the ones that you probably have been waiting to be mentioned, the poodles! These are the cutest, prettiest, cuddliest, and warmest pets out there. Most people fall in love with the sheer cuteness. But that does not mean that they lag behind in terms of intelligence. They are very easy to train as they pick up on things fast. They are also known for bonding deeply with their owners.

The Mighty Retrievers…(Golden)

Golden retrievers are as loving and loyal as they come but they can be a little bit high maintenance, requiring some moderate-to-high level of exercise in order to be healthy and well. These pets need special care and attention towards their well-being, which means that those who cannot take their pets out for exercise or love cramped quarters may do well to avoid keeping a golden retriever as their esa letter.

The Mild Retrievers (Labradors)

Last but definitely not least. Making it on our list of top five ESA dogs are Labrador Retrievers. These dogs are too easy to train because of the fact that they can be highly motivated by food. It is easy to offer a snack and get them to learn whatever you need them to do. They have been declared by many to be one of the most mild-mannered pets, making them ideal for the less-adventurous souls who want nothing else than a simple, obedient companion.

       Wish you all the best to make the right choice for yourself and choose the perfect friend under duress and in the best of spirits! Remember, you are going to spend all your time with this dog, so you need to feel like you can really love the one you choose deeply.

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