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Can We Ask Therapist to Write an ESA Letter?

Did you know that certain years ago in Israel a 12,000-year-old human fossil was discovered with his hand firmly resting on the fossil of a 6-month-old wolf baby? It's really true, the human-animal connection goes back hundreds of years and undoubtedly that was very much influential. 

Research indicates, for example, that pet parents have reduced obesity, decreased blood pressure, and improved mental wellbeing among several other advantages, including emotional and physical. Not unexpectedly, yeah? 

Apart from service animals, emotional support animals do not have to go through any kind of training. In reality, you just have to get an esa letter from a legit provider so that your pet too can eliminate the unpleasant effects that go with your mental illness, whether it's fear, depression, or pain. Once you are done, you can have those exceptional benefits that you won’t be able to avail of without that particular letter. 

People find it difficult to ask for a letter

Sadly, a mental disease is often a controversial subject for others, and often individuals consider it challenging to discuss their mental issues with their psychiatrist. You may also get a free emotional support animal letter sample from a recognized website in order to be well-aware of what to expect during your session with the LMHP. Discussing your mental health condition with your LMHP is the same as consulting a doctor for your stomach ache. Therefore, you need to discuss your anxiety in detail with your therapist. There is no need to panic at all. 

Then how to ask?

If you are taking medication for severe mental illness from a trained mental health professional, you can ask them to write you a letter. This is the simplest you can thrive to make your ESA an official one. You and your emotional support animal become entitled to legal rights with a legitimate ESA document, including being allowed to fly with your ESA for free on international airlines and staying with your ESA in rental housing. 

An ESA letter will be delivered by a psychiatrist or therapist's approved letterhead and will indicate that you have been identified with a psychiatric disorder for which you are getting the treatment. This would mean that this is part of the recovery plan that the emotional support animal is important for you to accomplish everyday activities. 

Finally asking your therapist to issue you a letter…

If your practitioner is a professional mental health practitioner, they can issue an esa letter for housing as well. The very same law applies: it has to be on letter headed paper and it must state that you're being recognized with a psychological or emotional mental disorder, that you undergo care from the issuer of the letter, and that your ESA is a key component of that therapy. It should also generate the license number of the issuer, and also the date and place of issuance of the authorization.

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